[Pharmwaste] emerging compounds of concern list and their analytical methods

Gilliam, Allen GILLIAM at adeq.state.ar.us
Wed May 9 14:50:56 EDT 2007

pardon this state pretreatment coordinator's lack of organization but
wasn't there recently posted on this listserve a more refined list of
pharmas or compounds of concern along with a url linking us to
appropriate analytical methods for detection of said compounds?  paint
me crazy, i don't believe i dreamed this up but, i was for sure this
info was just recently sent out.
any help in locating this recent message would be of most help.  it
seems there's been a surprising spike in interest (thanx again Nancy and
Bob!) in testing more of our state's waters for these previously
unidentified compounds.  the analytical methods (whether from CFR 136)
or not, would be more icing on the cake!
thanx in advance, i'm still searching my archived pharmawate folder for
this message,
allen gilliam
adeq state pretretment coordinator


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