[Pharmwaste] Oct 30, 2007 Fed. Register -- request for input on unused pharmaceuticals

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FYI --
Below is a link to EPA's Notice of Availability of Preliminary 2008
Effluent Guidelines Program Plan that was published in the Federal
Register on Tuesday, October 30, 2007.

Comments are requested by December 31, 2007.  Information on how to
submit comments are included in the notice.  Comments should be directed
to Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OW-2006-0771

Questions should be directed to Carey Johnston of EPA.  Carey can be
reached at johnston.carey at epa.gov or 202-566-1014.


In Section IX.D.2. (page 72 FR 61354), EPA asks specific questions for
input regarding the unused pharmaceutical situation (excerpt pasted

    • EPA solicits identification of any policies, procedures or
guidelines that govern the disposal of unused pharmaceuticals from
hospitals; offices of doctors and mental health practitioners; nursing,
long-term care, re-habilitation, and personal care facilities; medical
laboratories and diagnostic service facilities; and veterinary care
    • EPA solicits information on the most likely sub-sectors
within the Health Service sector that would accumulate unused
pharmaceuticals for management and disposal.
    • When applicable, to what extent are unused pharmaceuticals
disposed according to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)?
    • EPA solicits comment and data on: (1) The main factors
that drive current disposal practices; and (2) any barriers preventing
the reduction or elimination of unused pharmaceuticals to POTWs and/or
surface waters. In particular, EPA solicits comment on the extent that
the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. 801 et. seq.) complicates the
design of an efficacious solution to drug disposal?
    • EPA solicits quantitative information or tracking sheets
for the past year on the disposal of unused pharmaceuticals via the
toilet, drain, or sewer.
    • EPA solicits data on how control authorities are currently
controlling disposal of unused pharmaceuticals via wastewater.
    • EPA solicits information on any technologies or BMPs that
are available to control or eliminate the disposal of unused
pharmaceuticals to POTWs.
    • EPA solicits qualitative and quantitative data on the
effectiveness and annualized costs of the technologies or BMPs that
health service facilities use to control or eliminate the discharge of
unused pharmaceuticals from their wastewater. EPA is also interested in
obtaining information on the current costs (including labor) associated
with disposal of unused pharmaceuticals via the drain or toilet.
    • EPA solicits any studies or information on the potential
for unused pharmaceuticals disposed in non-hazardous landfills to
contaminate underground resources of drinking water.


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