[Pharmwaste] National Association of Controlled SubstancesAuthorities Drug Take-Back Resolution

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How timely!  Yesterday, a formal Proclamation was signed by the Governor of
the State of Maine proclaiming October 31, 2007, Proper Drug Disposal Day.
The 4th Annual Drug Disposal Conference was held in Portland, ME, last week.
We are trying to document all the official declarations, proclamations, and
legislations concerning safe drug disposal.  Please forward them to me and I
will compile them.


By the way, the momentum has begun.


At the Drug Disposal Conference, the Athens Declaration, an international
resolution signed by a body of prestigious scientists and medical
professionals to call immediate attention to the issues of unused consumer
medications.  The first formal review of the Athens Declaration took place
in Portland, Maine, last week at the Conference.  I urge everyone to read
this Declaration and endorse it.




We are in the process of presenting this Declaration to the United Nations,
through the UNDP and WHO.



Matthew C. Mireles, PhD, MPH

Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety 



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This email is to notify that an important resolution was adopted recently by
the National Association of Controlled Substances Authorities.  In sum, the


"supports the implementation of coordinated legislation and regulation among
the common states to promote the safe, efficient, and effective destruction
of pharmaceuticals through pharmaceutical take-back or other return programs
by the states for public safety purposes; and, that NASCSA supports the
involvement of the federal and state agencies in working with state
pharmaceutical take-back or other return programs to develop programs with
common regulatory attributes; and, that NASCSA supports the collaboration of
state and federal agencies to resolve and remove the regulatory barriers for
states to establish effective pharmaceutical take-back or other return
programs for ultimate destruction."


Thanks to our Washington State Board of Pharmacy representative and a King
County Local Hazardous Waste representative, this resolution was crafted and
adopted at the 2007 NASCSA conference in Albuquerque, NM.  Presentation
materials are also available on the 2007 conference link.


Best regards (and HURRAY!)


Emma Johnson

Solid Waste and Financial Assistance

Washington Department of Ecology


 <mailto:ejoh461 at ecy.wa.gov> ejoh461 at ecy.wa.gov






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