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Lauer, Michelle MLauer at Christianacare.org
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Good Morning:
         I am wondering if any groups have held one day medication
take-back events and, if so, did you need to have law enforcement there
and what did you do with the meds as they were received? Did a
pharmacist have to be present, or would RN's be sufficient? 
      I wrote a couple of weeks ago because I was trying to start a take
back program in our outpatient pharmacies of the hospital. We originally
wanted this to be ongoing and planned to purchase secure locked
containers, we even got a grant to do so, but the DEA said "NO". So,
then we re-wrote our proposal to only have specific times/dates and have
personnel on hand to screen for controlled substances and to log and
account for everything. Once again, the DEA said, "NO" - stating it was
"against Delaware law for a pharmacy to accept meds that had been
dispensed and citing concerns for diversion, security, adulteration,
expired meds being placed back into the legitimate market..." 
         I was about to give up. The hospital I work for decided they
wanted to drop it. But then...in light of yesterday's publicity, I have
decided to try to do a take back day sponsored by the Delaware Nurses
Association environmental group that I belong. Possibly holding it a
senior center/community center. I would love any words of wisdom, there
seems to be a lot of experience out there!

Michelle Lauer, RN, BSN, BC
Patient Care Coordinator - Psychiatry
428-2117 or pager # 884-9440

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Haven't seen enough articles about this today? Go to Google News and
down to "health" 

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