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	Several people have asked me if I had ever gotten more
information on this AP article, so I thought it best to respond here.

	I wrote to the AP (twice) to find the source information of the
sentence below in the article, and have never heard back from them.
I've been unable to find a way to directly contact the authors, but am
still trying.

	I did contact a reknown fish biologist, Dr. Blazer, to see what
she knew about transgendered female fish.  She mentioned that mostly
what she sees in the bass is male fish with immature eggs in the testes.
In a few cases the opposite has been reported - foci of spermatogenic
eggs within the ovaries of the females.  I don't have any links to
publications on that to share with you at this time.


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"Drugs in Water Hurt Fish and Wildlife"

	In this AP article, there is this sentence, "Meanwhile, female
fish have developed male genital organs."  To date, I have not seen any
publications that say that the females are becoming transgendered too.
Has anyone got any sources for this information?  I'm also contacting
the authors of the piece to see what their source was. 

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