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Lauer, Michelle MLauer at Christianacare.org
Mon Mar 31 13:14:03 EDT 2008

I was wondering if, by any chance, anyone could point me in the right
direction regarding a DEA contact or current laws. The Delaware Nurses
association has planned to do a one day take back event in the community
at a Senior Center and to have law enforcement present to collect any
controlled substances. Local law enforcement is fully in support of this
and has volunteered an officer for the event. I have been following the
guidelines of NERC and the MidCoast Program. I am now being told by the
Secretary of the Board of Pharmacy - who is also the director of office
of controlled substances in Delaware, that the DEA does not allow law
enforcement to collect controlled substances and therefore, we cannot
hold the event. I don't understand why or how the DEA guidelines would
differ from state to state and this is clearly being done in other
states. Has anyone encountered a similar situation? I have revised this
program three times in order to make this happen and it's very
discouraging. Would very much appreciate any contacts or advise.
Thank you

Michelle Lauer, RN, BSN, BC
Patient Care Coordinator - Psychiatry
428-2117 or pager # 884-9440

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