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We just completed a national survey on drug take-back and disposal programs
and will publish our results in a National Directory.  I'm presenting this
Directory at the upcoming conference in Maine, Nov 10-11.  Of the programs
that only collect non-federal controlled substances, most involve collection
at retail pharmacies and contract with a commercial reverse distributor for
final destruction (approved by EPA and DEA).  There are about 80 commercial
reverse distributors in the country; not all are registered with the DEA.
Our National Directory contains the most updated list of reverse
distributors.  Of course, anyone may contact the DEA for its listing.
Again, my best advice is to always keep your local and state DEA folks in
the loop.  

Since we collect data on unused and expired meds (UEM) from participating
take-back programs, we see many FCS items coming into collections that
shouldn't be collecting them.  Simply, most consumers/patients can't
distinguish between FCS and non-FCS meds.  All the data we collect and code
are entered into the National Unused & Expired Medicines Registry for
analysis and comparison.  We have samples from both the west and east
coasts.  Analysis of a few samples has indicated that approx 40% of
prescription meds are never used and would normally be thrown away by
flushing down the sink or toilet!  If you want more info about this
Registry, please contact me.

 If you like to have a copy of this National Directory, let me know.  We
start printing them and distributing them in about 2 weeks.

Matthew C. Mireles, PhD, MPH

President and CEO

Community Medical Foundation for Patient Safety





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Thanks everyone for the excellent responses to my initial question about
household pharmaceutical collection programs.  It appears the consensus is
that we can not accept controlled substances without DEA, or at least
police, involvement.

How about non-controlled substances?  Does anyone have any experience with
collection programs that only accept non-DEA regulated drugs?  Has DEA
stepped in and tried to require some kind of DEA or police or pharmacist
related screening system?

Does this kind of take-back program even make sense?

Thanks in advance,



David Banas
Assistant Attorney General
Natural Resources and Environment Section
Colorado Department of Law
1525 Sherman St.

Denver, CO 80203
david.banas at state.co.us

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