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I agree about the importance of youth misuse and abuse as five coalitions in an area of sc have also been researchong the disposal piece as well so that we can launch a campaign about the increased amount of yoiuth rx driug misuse and abuse.  Much of the infoemation here has been helpful but the obvious is that the government needs to step in and mandate disposal programs. Thanks again.

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Hello David
Sounds like there are lots of these programs popping up as the need is so evident. I am a volunteer working with a Substance abuse coalition called DRUGFREECOLLIER. As a 5013c our mission is to keep the youth of our county away from drugs through education and community projects. We have partnered with the Collier County Sheriff's office and many others to do:


 Not only is it a take back program but we educate people of the constant and new dangers to our youth when they go into their parents or grandparents medicine cabinet for drugs.  They think that just becouse their grandma takes this it is safe.

Small Steps Can Eliminate Prescription Drug Abuse in our community

Last year, over fifty Collier County families shared an avoidable tragedy.  Each lost someone to a prescription drug overdose (PDO), and it’s likely this number will rise in 2008 according to Dr. Marta Coburn, District Medical Examiner.  Prescription drugs kill efficiently – overdoses don’t necessarily coincide with the violent reactions of alcohol or of less refined street drugs.  Victims like Heath Ledger simply fall asleep and stop breathing.

 Studies show that one in five teenagers has abused a prescription painkiller and that the medication was obtained from their parents’ or grandparents’ medicine cabinet.  Household members, including teenagers known as “Generation Rx,” achieve an easy high from prescription medications.  In fact, in 2007, every 36 hours, a juvenile in Collier County went to the hospital as a result of a drug or alcohol overdose. Startling statistics!  At a national level, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says prescription drugs have overtaken cocaine and heroine as the leading cause of drug overdose.

DRUGFREECOLLIER estimates more than 7 million unused pills sitting in Collier County homes today.  Eliminating these pills reduces the odds of abuse.  With just a few small steps right now – by you - could bring a safer home environment and cleaner water to our community. Please do your part:

v     Review the prescription and over the counter drugs in your home.

v     Count and secure the medications you need.

v     Take the unwanted drugs for proper disposal as listed below.

v     Remember that disposing of medications in the trash can result in harm to humans and pets.

v     Flushing medications down the toilet can cause contamination to Florida’s aquatic environment.

Heath Ledger could have just as easily been your son, your brother, your next door neighbor, your cousin.  No one alone will solve the problem, but if small steps such as a household drug cleanup prevent even one death, or accident or child from thinking popping a pill might be a good idea, then wouldn’t it be worth taking these few small, simple steps?

“Operation Medicine Cabinet”, is a county-wide pharmaceutical Take-back program for citizens to bring their unused and/or expired prescriptions and controlled substances for safe disposal.

DRUGFREECOLLIER, www.drugfreecollier.org <http://www.drugfreecollier.org/> , 239-377-0535, a not-for-profit organization committed to providing a drug-free community for our youth, and Local Law Enforcement will be hosting this event once again.

Each designated site will be supervised by a local law enforcement official from the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Marco Island Police Department, and Naples Police Department.  These officers will be responsible for submitting the medication into evidence for proper disposal (incineration).

 We are also trying to get our local pharmacies to set up permanent sites, working with local law enforcement and DEA to set up the best program within the law.  Attached is our current flyer.

I would love to see everyone addressing not only the environment but the youth safety issue.  It can be combined to make an important public statement.  veora little, Naples, Florida.

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        Will County has been working with the Illinois EPA to provide pharmaceutical collections at pharmacies.  We now have 10 pharmacies in 6 communities participating in the program year-round. We have attended regional and statewide meetings with DEA representatives and we've approached police departments for assistance in accepting the DEA controlled substances. Our pharmacies inspect the items brought in and do not accept the DEA controlled items. We have held two one-day collections of medications (on at a senior fair and another as part of a health fair). Police from those communities were present to accept the DEA controlled items.
        We have some police departments that will accept DEA controlled items and some police departments that will not.  The key for us it to get the 80-90% of medications that do not fall under the DEA controlled substance schedules out of the waste stream in a convenient manner for all involved.

        To see our brochure on the program, please click on http://www.willcountylanduse.com/WasteServ/Pharm%20Take-Back%20Program102008.pdf
        We began our program in September 2007 and have collected seven 30-gallon containers of prescription and over-the-counter medications
        (the DEA controlled items accepted in the one-day collections were less than 5 gallons total)
        Marta Keane, Recycling Program Specialist
        Will County Land Use - Waste Services
        58 E. Clinton Street, Suite 500
        Joliet, IL  60432
        mkeane at willcountylanduse.com
        Recycle at home and at work!

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                Hi David,
                   In Delaware, we have only been able to implement one day take back events with Law Enforcement, the Delaware Director of Controlled Substances and DEA reps present. In fact, the DEA insisted that these events be held in police headquarters, not in Senior Centers or pharmacies, which was our initial preference. I actually had to appeal to the deputy attorney general and the director of the office of professional regulations to even get this accomplished. The Director of the Office of Controlled Substances, in conjunction with the DEA in Philadelphia region have many security concerns. We did collect an estimated $250,000 worth of controlled substances at one of our events, but had no problems. This is above and beyond the security precautions recommended by NERC and what, I believe, is legally required. But, if the end result is the same - diverting meds from water supplies - we are willing to compromise.
                     Our goal is to have an ongoing, continuous return program in pharmacies statewide. I am currently writing a summary of the events held statewide in order to substantiate to the huge need.

                Michelle Lauer, RN, MSN, BC
                Patient Care Coordinator - Psychiatry
                (302) 428-2117 or pager # 884-9440

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                        I represent the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  The Department is considering implementing a household pharmaceutical collection program.  I am concerned about DEA preventing this program from going forward absent police and or pharmacist oversight.  I know of some Colorado cities that have received mixed messages from DEA and have apparently proceeded with collection programs absent formal DEA approval.
                        What experience do people have with these issues?  I'd appreciate any legal cites, examples of programs and legal problems that have been experienced, or other anecdotes.
                        Thanks for your help,

                        David Banas
                        Assistant Attorney General
                        Natural Resources and Environment Section
                        Colorado Department of Law
                        1525 Sherman St.
                        Denver, CO 80203
                        david.banas at state.co.us

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