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I work in Lansing, MI where GM has been a big presence for many years. 
Plants began to close a few years back and the work was shipped to
either Mexico or China.  Now the GM work that is left in the area has
been cut back even more and is in jeopardy all together with the
GM/Chrysler potential merger.  There are many companies that are
suppliers of GM that have felt the impact as well and have been laying
off.  Many of us have felt this impact within our own families or know
someone directly that has lost their job as a result of the economy.  

There are 2 hospitals in Lansing.  The one (300 bed teaching hospital)
cut 100 jobs across the institution.  Some were middle management, some
were front line healthcare workers.  The other hospital in town (500
beds teaching hospital) and my employer has seen the effects of the
increasing population that does not have insurance or the cash to pay
their deductibles.  Our outpatient procedures are down and our guess is
it is due to people considering these procedures to be things that can
wait until they have insurance, money, or time.  Instead of layoffs the
hospital has put together an early retirement and early separation plans
to entice people to leave.  If this doesn't work then there is a
possibility of layoffs.  

I am told all the time that healthcare jobs are always needed and that
I am safe in my profession.  Well I can tell you right now I don't feel
safe and I know my co-workers feel the same.   

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Hello Everyone, 

We've seen all the headlines by now:  auto makers in trouble, financial
institutions being bailed out, major insurance companies upsetting
global markets, record unemployment rate, Starbucks (God forbid) posting
major losses.

Conventional wisdom has it that healthcare is among the most recession
proof markets of the economy.  I'm sure there are a plethora of articles
out there with opinions that span the gamut.  But for all the financial
analysis, the best source of information comes from within.  People who
live it, as it were.  People who subscribe to this list.  With that in
mind, a discussion on the issue should be interesting.

As we all face the daily challenges of the economy, how do you see
things shaking out in healthcare? 

Will the cost of healthcare increase amid the current crisis? 
Will insurance companies keep up with the increased cost or tighten up
on covered treatments? 
Will unemployment and other personal issues increase stress in the
household thereby making more people ill? 
Will some regions of the country be more or less affected than others?

The "Greening" of healthcare can sometimes be expensive. How do you
think the economy will impact current and future trends, or will it?

Will drinking less Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino Blended Coffee with
chocolate whipped cream ultimately make us healthier, or will the
withdrawal cause depression?

These are just a few questions, feel free to add your own. 

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