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Elephant Pharm Unveils Groundbreaking Green Pharmacy Program

Teleosis Institute Helps Power First Eco-friendly Medicine Disposal and
Pill Bottle Recycling Program  


BERKELEY, Calif. - November 17, 2008 - Elephant Pharm, the leading
one-stop wellness store and complementary pharmacy, today announced the
first, most comprehensive "green pharmacy."  In partnership with the
Teleosis Institute, Elephant Pharm is the first to offer a complete
medicine bottle recycling and eco-friendly medicine disposal program.
Elephant also offers the most ecologically sustainable way for consumers
to recycle their medical sharps and needles, unwanted or expired
medicines all in one place while protecting personal privacy.  Its
Berkeley store even recycles mercury thermometers.


Unlike most medicine disposal programs that incinerate pills and
medicine bottles together, Elephant Pharm collects the pills for
incineration and recycles the bottles separately to significantly reduce
negative environmental impact. The program provides a more
environmentally sustainable alternative to throwing medicines and
supplements in the trash or down the drain, which contaminates municipal
waterways and landfills. 


"Our free medicine disposal and bottle recycling services are great
additions to our existing set of green business practices," said Kathi
Lentzsch, chief executive officer at Elephant Pharm. "As one of the most
successful medicine disposal programs in the country, we've collected
and safely disposed over 3,000 pounds of medicines.  And in partnership
with the Teleosis Institute and Shred-It, we recycle pill bottles in the
most efficient, safe, and convenient method on the market today." 


Elephant Pharm recycles mixed plastics from medicine bottles and paper
packaging in its stores' drop-off bins. The bottles are collected,
cleaned, shredded, and ground into a palletized form, which is processed
into various plastic materials like plastic packaging, storage bins, or
other bottles.  Shredding protects consumers' private health
information, which helps make the program more attractive to the


"Shredding and recycling the plastic bottles and paper packaging is not
only better for the environment, but is also more cost-effective than
incineration because the amount of waste is significantly reduced,"
remarked James Dong, coordinator of the Green Pharmacy Program at
Teleosis Institute. "We hope that the success of recycling and shredding
at Elephant will set a new standard for medicine disposal programs
nationwide. Elephant and Teleosis are committed to educating the public
about the harmful effects of improper medicine disposal, and the
economic and environmental benefits of recycling."


Elephant Pharm customers can return unwanted or expired medicines at its
stores in Walnut Creek, Berkeley, or San Rafael.  Customers can also
recycle their medical sharps at its San Rafael or Walnut Creek stores.
Finally, to help support National Diabetes Month this November,
customers who are concerned about diabetes can receive free glucometers
at all of its stores. 


For more information on safe medicine disposal, visit
www.greenpharmacyprogram.com <http://www.greenpharmacyprogram.com/> .
Elephant Pharm customers are encouraged to download and fill out a
medicine disposal form, and bring it to the pharmacy to drop off their
unwanted medicines.  The form is available at
<http://www.elephantpharm.com/greenpharmacy>  and at all Elephant
Pharmacy locations.


About Elephant Pharm 

Elephant Pharm, the leading one-stop wellness store and complementary
pharmacy, provides a vibrant alternative to typical chain drug stores.
Founded in Berkeley, CA in 2002, Elephant acts as a bridge between
conventional and alternative products and services, helping people make
informed decisions about their health. In addition to traditional Rx and
herbal pharmacies, customers will also find a selection of lifestyle
products far beyond typical drugstore offerings, from natural and
organic foods to healthy household supplies; from yoga gear to
eco-friendly home accessories. The carefully selected team of wellness
practitioners offers free, one-on-one consultations every day, and
visiting experts lead hundreds of free classes and clinics every month.
Elephant Pharm stores are natural community hubs dedicated to people
seeking a good long life, well lived. The company has locations in
Berkeley, San Rafael and Walnut Creek. For more information, visit
www.elephantpharm.com <http://www.elephantpharm.com/> . 


About Teleosis

The Teleosis Institute is dedicated to reducing healthcare's
environmental footprint by developing effective, sustainable health care
programs provided by professionals who serve as environmental health
stewards. Teleosis believes in a health care system that conserves
natural resources, promotes personal wellness, and begins with
precaution. Founded in 2004, Teleosis set out to educate and empower
health providers as leaders in the emerging field of sustainable
medicine and to build a movement for positive social and environmental
change. Programs include: Leadership Training in Green Health Care,
Green Pharmacy Program, Symbiosis: The Journal of Ecologically
Sustainable Medicine, Environmental Health Publications, and the Green
Health Care Newsletter. The Teleosis Institute, located in Berkeley, CA,
is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and a certified Bay Area
Green Business. For more information, visit www.teleosis.org
<http://www.teleosis.org> . 



Evin Guy, Teleosis Institute, (510) 558-7285 x104, evin at teleosis.org
<mailto:evin at teleosis.org> 

Marissa Root, The Conversation Group, (510) 847-6997,
marissa at theconversationgroup.com
<mailto:marissa at theconversationgroup.com> 


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Green Pharmacy Program Manager
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