[Pharmwaste] EPA report available: Occurrence of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Wastewater from Nine Publicly Owned Treatment Works, published August 2009

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The Engineering & Analysis Division of OST has posted the results of our
occurrence survey at nine U.S. POTWs for contaminants of emerging
concern (CECs.) All of the facilities participated voluntarily. To
obtain voluntary participation of industries in occurrence surveys of
various classes of contaminants, we do not identify the facilities.

      In this survey, the target class of contaminants was CECs and
      included flame retardants (PBDEs), pharmaceuticals, and chemicals
      in personal care products (PPCPs.) We identified CECs in samples
      of untreated and fully treated wastewater that were collected at
      nine, non-randomly selected POTWs. We targeted POTWs likely to
      have CECs in the influent based on either the industries or the
      populations served by each facility. These occurrence results do
      not represent a national profile of the potential presence of CECs
      at the thousands of wastewater facilities in the U.S. Given the
      limited number of facilities sampled and the limited fashion in
      which the samples were taken, we did not draw national conclusions
      from the study. EPA continues to research ways to understand and
      reduce exposure to CECs in water, however at this time, OST is not
       planning on any future sampling of this nature.

      The report, Occurrence of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in
      Wastewater from Nine Publicly Owned Treatment Works, Published
August 2009, more commonly
      known as the "Nine POTW Study", is available at

      To discuss the study results contact Brian D'Amico who managed
      this occurrence survey - - damico.brian at epa.gov,  202.566.1069.

      To discuss the analytical methods used in this study contact Brian
      Englert who developed several of these methods - -
      englert.brian at epa.gov, 202.566.0754.
      Richard Reding, Ph.D., Chief
      U.S. EPA, Engineering & Analytical Support Branch
      Engineering & Analysis Division
      Office of Science and Technology, Office of Water
      1200 Pennsylvania Avenue NW (4303T)
      Washington, D.C. 20460
      Ph:  202-566-2237; Fax: 566-1053
      OST homepage http://www.epa.gov/waterscience
      Method Questions? Write to OSTCWAMethods at epa.gov

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