[Pharmwaste] Heard of this company?

Gilliam, Allen GILLIAM at adeq.state.ar.us
Tue Dec 29 12:47:35 EST 2009

>From a fellow state pretreatment coordinator:

Has anyone worked with a company called Innovasan Corporation that treats medical waste? There website is below;


Apparently they have developed treatment units called "Interceptor Waste Treatment systems" that have been installed on ships for the Navy and on permanent installations at hospitals. I believe they are out of Tennessee but not sure. I assume they are developing these systems out of the recent concern about the disposal of pharmaceutical wastes being discharged to the environment and contaminating public water supplies. We are planning to meet with them soon. I was wondering if anyone else had met with these folks and had good or bad experiences with the company or with any of their treatment units. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Allen g

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