[Pharmwaste] Household Products Database

DeBiasi,Deborah dldebiasi at deq.virginia.gov
Thu Feb 5 15:43:55 EST 2009

This is a really handy site to look up chemicals, products, effects,


Deborah L. DeBiasi 
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WEB site address:  www.deq.virginia.gov 
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality 
Office of Water Permit Programs 
Industrial Pretreatment/Toxics Management Program 
PPCPs, EDCs, and Microconstituents 
Mail:          P.O. Box 1105, Richmond, VA  23218 (NEW!) 
Location:  629 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA  23219 
PH:         804-698-4028 
FAX:      804-698-4032 

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