[Pharmwaste] Speaker on EDCs

Cherie Wagner cwagner at freshwater.org
Thu Nov 12 11:55:12 EST 2009

As part of a statewide initiative to raise awareness and inspire action to
conserve and protect our water resources in Minnesota, the Freshwater
Society is launching 2010 - The Year of Water. One program for the year is a
speaker series focusing on 4 different topics. We will are looking for a
national speaker to lay out the topic more broadly and a panel of local
experts who will talk about the issues specifically related to Minnesota.
The first event in the series will be on EDC's and Pharmaceuticals in our
waters and I am looking for a national speaker. The intended audience is the
concerned public, college students, and people that work in the field.
Please let me know of someone that would be able to address the topic for a
general audience. Thanks! Cherie


Cherie Wagner

Program Manager

Freshwater Society

2150 Third Ave., Suite 110

Anoka, MN 55303





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