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One other addition to the concept of actually accepting the need for
systems design to include controlled drugs is the perhaps more
significant message that upstream waste prevention techniques need
consideration. And educating prescribers has a long and checkered most
often failed history so there is a role for regulatory involvement as in
curtailing all first prescriptions to 15 days. We have started that and
I note that the actuarial types who reviewed this before it was in place
predicted cost savings along with less waste. 


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Absolutely true.  This is where Operation Medicine Cabinet is very


Our pharmaceutical take back program (events bi annually---working on
permanent drop boxes at law enforcement facilities at present that
comply with DEA regulations that exist at present)  


 Here in Florida we have a simple and effective way of collecting all
medications and controlled substances in coordination with Drug Free
Collier and the Collier County Sheriff's Office.  


This program is being conducted in several counties throughout Florida
and has been endorsed by the Florida Crime Prevention Association just
last month.  Anyone wanting information on how to set up this simple and
very effective program, please contact

veoralittle at aol.com.  Thank you Veora Little, CRNA 


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	All the info you are receiving is fine but nothing helps with
controlled substances...that's where the real problem is.


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	Does anyone have a good resource for information on the donation
of unused medicines or information that basically prohibits this?  I
have a pharmacist who supplies meds to long term care facilities in
blister packs and is interested in donating unused portions.  Also,
having recently conducted a take-back program, we collected numerous
items from the public that were still factory-sealed.  Thank you. 


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