[Pharmwaste] Silver Spoons and Hand Sanitizer

Chuck Lie Chuck at terra-associates.com
Thu Oct 1 16:02:08 EDT 2009

A year or two ago a colleague mentioned that copper had antibiotic
properties and if used on door knobs would cut the spread of infections
in hospitals.  I asked her if it was silver she was referring to.  The
Wikipedia article on silver says that there is research into this.
Would silver plated door knobs help?  I have heard that being born with
a silver spoon in your mouth was not necessarily a sign of being rich as
much as a sign the baby would be healthier.  

Or has further research shown side issues besides a possible cost and
maintenance issue with the use of silver in skin contact areas like door
knobs and handles.

Charles R. Lie, LEG, LHG

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