[Pharmwaste] Results of Analyses from wastewater effluent in FL

Brian Stenz brian at returnlogistics.com
Wed Oct 14 15:07:35 EDT 2009

The following results are from a sample of treated wastewater  
effluent taken out of an adjacent constructed wetlands in FL. The  
test was done for my son's 8th grade science project regarding  
pharmaceuticals in our ecosystem.  We are not surprised that every  
chemical was detected. My son (and I) could use some help in  
interpreting the results. Are there any issues to conclude from these  
concentration amounts? Such as, endocrine disruptors hindering   
sexual development, increased microbial resistance from antibiotics  
and super strains of bacteria developing from these results? Your  
responses are appreciated.

Brian Stenz
561-573-5538 cell

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