[Pharmwaste] New FDA Web Page Lists Disposal Instructions for Select Medicines

James Hunter technojim at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 22:58:58 EDT 2009

FDA completed their labeling review for drug product labels with flushing
directions. No new drug substances were added that wasn't already on the
list. Only a few new product brands containing substances already on the
list, generic equivalents of existing, and a few new dosage forms (dilaudid
liquid is one, I think). Onsalis and Embeda, both high potency Schedule II
opiates, are two recent FDA approvals with patient labeling that recommends
flushing unused drug.  All the drugs on the list contain controlled
substances, and most are Schedule II opioids that could definitely kill a
child, and maybe an adult too if they were your first experience with a
opioid-type drug.

Jim Hunter, RPh., MPH

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Jim Hunter
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