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Dear Mr. Englert:

  1.. I would like to know if the extraction method validation was to 
fortify and extract?
  2.. If so, how do you know that the extraction method will extract 
residues (parent and degradates) when aged in a matrix for months?
  3.. How do you know if degradates are extracted?
  4.. Here is one reason that I have a problem with EPA methods, maybe you 
can elaborate?
Below are parts of some responses that I have received on extraction 
methodology to support what I have said above.

1. USEPA does not claim validity to their methods.

Quoted in part from USEPA Internet site.

Environmental Chemistry Methods (ECM)

Environmental chemistry methods for soil and water are used to determine the 
fate of pesticides in the environment. The methods identify and quantify the 
pesticide residue of interest, determining the total concentration of 
pesticides, including the extractable parent compound and significant 
metabolites and degradates (break-down products).

EPA makes no claim of validity by posting these methods, but recognizes that 
the methods may be of some utility to state, tribal, and local authorities.

Residue Analytical Methods (RAM)

Residue analytical methods for food, feed, and animal commodities identify 
and quantify the pesticide residue of interest, determining the total toxic 
residue of the pesticide regulated by the tolerance (maximum legal residue 
level), including significant metabolites and degradates (break-down 

While most of the methods perform satisfactorily, some may have 

EPA makes no claim of validity by posting these methods, but recognizes that 
they may be of some utility to state, tribal, and local authorities.


Dr. Ron Ney


"Occurrence of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Wastewater from Nine 
POTWs", August 2009  EPA- 821-R-09-009

EPA has released the results of sampling for the occurrence of contaminants 
of emerging concern, the "Nine POTW Study," at the following link: 

Two new analytical methods were developed for this study to measure up to 27 
steroids / hormones and 74 prescription or over-the-counter drugs:

  EPA Method 1694 for Pharmaceuticals;

  EPA Method 1698 for Steroids / Hormones.

These two methods were peer-reviewed and tested in a single lab.

In addition, EPA has single-laboratory validated a new pesticide method and 
revised the existing flame retardant  (PBDE) method in order to more 
accurately detect contaminants of emerging concern in wastewater samples.

  EPA Method 1699 for Pesticides

  EPA Method 1614 for Poly Brominated Diphenyl Ethers

These methods have not been promulgated at 40 CFR Part 136, but may be found 
at:  http://www.epa.gov/waterscience/methods/method/other.html

For more information:

Field Studies:  Brian D'Amico   damico.brian at epa.gov

Analytical methods:  Brian Englert  englert.brian at epa.gov

Study Management:  Dick Reding  reding.richard at epa.gov

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