[Pharmwaste] Excretion info: Aprepitant (Emend from Merck)

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My problem with the numbers is they are reported without a range and yet
added exceed 100% which could be possible if there were multiple tags on
the parent compound. So not knowing the taggent, taggent count per
parent molecule, then I can't get to any proportion if I know that the
math doesn't add up. If each parent splits into 2 tagged particles?


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NO. the other way around.... They captured 57%  recovered in urine and
45% in feces... this only happens if a drug is removed unchanged from
the body...

A much more complicated question remains...what happens when a body
actually changes the drug and then excretes these other changed
chemicals!!! This is the problem with meperidine and hundreds of other
drugs.... The metabolite of meperidine is MUCH more toxic that the
parent compound . 


Whether any drug is returned to the earth in any fashion the vast
majority that needs to be addressed is the volume that is taken or
administered or excreted in any form. It is absurd to try and address
the miniscule % that happens to go out of date on a shelf as a
significant problem in the overall view of biomass being returned to the


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Subject: [Pharmwaste] Excretion info: Aprepitant (Emend from Merck)


The patient info sheet, Metabolism section, from this drug says:

Following administration of a single IV 100-mg dose of [14C]-aprepitant
prodrug to healthy subjects, 57% of the radioactivity was recovered in
urine and 45% in feces. A study was not conducted with radiolabeled
capsule formulation.

Does this mean that 43% is excreted in urine and 55% in feces?

This is a drug used by cancer patients for nausea control. 

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