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Hi Sue and Pharmwaste,

I posted this video to another listserve, with the negative response to it as well:

The author is Harriet Hall, MD. I have no if she or the website is industry sponsored, and have no idea where they get their
funding. I looked but couldn't find anything about their
financials...I always thought non-profits had to disclose that. But

The author's argument debunking the documentary (and calling it irresponsible) rests on an
old school approach to EDCs through "toxicity" and linear

"The evidence is controversial. The first principle of toxicology is
"the poison is in the dose." (Hall:

I'm not a blog commenter, but it seems like a Pharmwaste response to this pointing out that EDCs don't necessarily follow the traditional linear dose response/ toxicity theory could be warranted.

"Rather than linear dose-response curves, EDCs more often exert
non-linear, sometimes U- or inverted U-shaped dose-response curves
(4). Furthermore, there may be no ''lowest observed adverse effect
level'', or LOAEL, of an environmental chemical in circumstances when
any exposure is enough to exert a detectable effect (5). (Gore 2008.
Why Endocrinologists Need to Take Ownership of Endocrine Disruption.
Experimental Biology and Medicine.  Volume 233, Number 1. P. 3.)

"The immediate practical implication of these considerations is that
it is potentially misleading to base environmental risk assessments
solely on the results of short-term acute toxicity tests, on long-term
tests which do not encompass the most sensitive part of an organism's
life cycle (see Section 4), or on tests which fail properly to
investigate low doses just below the traditionally-defined
no-observed-effect-concentration (NOEC) or
no-observed-adverse-effect-level (NOAEL)." (Matthiessen and Johnson
2007. Implications of research on endocrine disruption for the
environmental risk assessment, regulation and monitoring of chemicals
in the European Union. Environmental Pollution. Volume 146, Issue 1,
Pages 9-18)

Any interest or suggestions?

James Kallaos
PhD Researcher

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 3:17 PM, Sue Dayton <sdayton at swcp.com<mailto:sdayton at swcp.com>> wrote:

Please take some time to watch this video. Educational, fascinating, disturbing.

Sue Dayton
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
North Carolina Healthy Communities Program
Saxapahaw, NC 27340
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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.   -  Martin Luther King Jr.

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