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This is an excellent point.  Here in Washington State, we are going through
a rule-making process for reclaimed regulations, and there has been
tremendous opposition for even baseline monitoring for pharmaceuticals in
the water that will be used for reclaimed purposes, much less regular


My environmental group supports the use of reclaimed water but have strongly
advocated that the issue of emerging chemicals, including pharmaceuticals,
MUST be addressed.  So far, this has been unsatisfactory.






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Given all the discussion on excretion rates of pharmaceuticals, the question
I have is whether it is now, or ever will be possible, to handle these drugs
during the wastewater treatment process. In my community, the local water
authority is preparing to sell 'reclaimed water' (ie., that which has not
been subjected to the final treatment phase of dispersion) for irrigation
purposes to a local school. I'm shuddering to think of children rolling
around in a gumbo of drugs that we can neither identify or have any
possibility of treating.

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