[Pharmwaste] Treatment of pharms in wastewater facilities

TBadrick at aol.com TBadrick at aol.com
Thu Feb 18 10:24:31 EST 2010

Well setting aside the obvious groundwater issues, I'm wondering what  
thoughts are on solids/airborne contamination threats could be.  Lets  safely as
sume that "watering" is done during dry periods (often warm in theory),  
would potential pharmaceuticals sufficiently settle out of the water and bind 
to  the surface in addition to settling into the soil and groundwater system, 
thus  creating a potential touch exposure and also becoming airborne  thus 
contaminating a much greater area.
I realize the potential volume isn't huge but then again no telling what  
new creations can come from the chemical world.
Tom Badrick
Badrick Consulting
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tbuckner at ibiblio.org writes:

Given  all the discussion on excretion rates of pharmaceuticals, the 
question I have  is whether it is now, or ever will be possible, to handle these 
drugs during  the wastewater treatment process. In my community, the local 
water authority  is preparing to sell 'reclaimed water' (ie., that which has 
not been subjected  to the final treatment phase of dispersion) for 
irrigation purposes to a local  school. I'm shuddering to think of children rolling 
around in a gumbo of drugs  that we can neither identify or have any 
possibility of  treating.

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