[Pharmwaste] File replacement

Catherine Zimmer zenllc at usfamily.net
Wed Aug 24 10:26:13 EDT 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I have been privileged to know many of you and we have met at many events.  I need to ask a favor.  My computer was stolen from my home last month.  Yes, my house was broken into and they rifled through my belongings, stealing not only my computer, but printer, MP3 player and jewelry.  My files, were not being backed up as I thought and I have lost a lot of work.  My request to you then is, if you have any presentations saved that I created over the years, if you would send them to me.  They are probably some of my most important files.  Thank you so much for your help.  
Catherine Zimmer
formerly of MnTAP
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