[Pharmwaste] Fw: Guidance on Managing Containers that Held P-listed Pharmaceuticals

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FYI --
ORCR recently came out with this memo clarifying what to do with
containers that used to hold P-listed pharmaceuticals.  This goes a long
way to addressing hospitals' concerns on this issue.

I have asked Kristin Fitzgerald if this memo will soon be posted on
EPA's website, and she replied that things are only periodically posted,
so it may be a while til that occurs.
In the meantime, please feel free to share with interested parties!!
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Date:	11/04/2011 04:41 PM
Subject:	Guidance on Managing Containers that Held P-listed
Sent by:	Colleen Keltz

Good Afternoon,

Attached you will find a guidance memo on managing containers that once
held P-listed pharmaceuticals.  If you have any questions or concerns,
please contact me or Kristin Fitzgerald (fitzgerald.kristin at epa.gov).

(See attached file: p_listed pharmaceuticals memo_ORCR 2011.pdf)

Thank you,

Suzanne Rudzinski, Director
Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
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