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If anyone is interested, a friend of mine is producing a document on the RX overdose epidemic....

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   Hello friends and Family,

I was approached 8 months ago to Produce a Documentary tackling the RX overdose

epidemic. More specifically in Orange County due to the skyrocketing numbers of
teenagers and young adults dying tragically from pills they got from there
parents cabinets, dirty Dr.s, or off the streets. We have filmed for 6 months,

40 interviews including the DEA, Coroners Office, drug therapists, treatment
centers, grieving parents, struggling teenagers, former addicts, and 2 dirty
Dr.s. An article was posted by the Orange County Register several months back

and from that, PBS SoCal contacted me. After they reviewed the sizzle, they
informed us that upon completion they would like to air our Doc multiple times
and build up the premiere with an interviewed spot. They also allow us to have

up to 4 underwriters at the front and end of the segment. Last night we held a
small fundraiser and simultaneously launched our kickstarter to help secure the
Post Production funding needed to meet the PBS specs and to see this film

through the festival circuit. We are asking for help on any level to insure that
this powerful Doc is used as an educational and eye opening tool for teenager,
young adults, and Parents alike.

OC Register:


Kickstarter link:


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to read this email. Please
pass this on to anyone who you may think could help.

With love,


Zac Titus

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