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Subject: Looking for data on pharms in landfill leachate


Does anyone know of any peer reviewed journal articles that discuss pharmaceuticals in leachate from modern landfills with liners and leachate collection systems ?

In particular I am looking for information on:

*         Mobility of pharmaceuticals in leachate and ground water vs. the mobility of other contaminants;

*         Compatibility of pharmaceuticals with synthetic liners and/or compacted clay liners;

*         Concentrations of pharmaceuticals in ground water downgradient from lined solid waste landfills.

I already have the following articles:

*         Behr, R., Stahler, D., Pistell, A. 2010. Preliminary Characterization of the Pharmaceutical Content of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate from three landfills in Maine. Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

*         Barnes, K.K., Christenson, S.C., Kolpin, D.W., Focazio, M.J., Furlong, E.T., Zaugg, S.D., Meyer, M.T., and Barber, L.B. (2004). "Pharmaceuticals and other organic waste water contaminants within a leachate plume downgradient of a municipal landfill." Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation 24(2): 119-126.

*         Eckel, William, et al. (1993) Pentobarbital found in Ground Water, Ground Water, Vol. 31, Issue 5, pp 801-804.

I know of the following article but have not been able to locate it:

*         Buszka, P. M., Yeskis, D. J., Kolpin, D. W., Furlong, E. T., Zaugg, S. D., & Meyer, M. T. (2009). Waste-indicator and pharmaceutical compounds in landfill-leachate-affected ground water near Elkhart, Indiana, 2000-2002. (2009) Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 82(6), 653-659.

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