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1.Consultation on the carbon footprinting of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
The NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) is working with pharmaceutical and medical devices industry representatives, and a group of international healthcare professionals, NGOs and carbon footprinting experts, to create international guidance to aid in the uniform carbon footprinting of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. We wish to ensure that the guidance is relevant to clinicians so we are writing to invite you to participate in the public consultation to improve this guidance. 
 As you may be aware the SDU have estimated that in 2010 22% of NHS England’s carbon emissions were attributable to pharmaceuticals and 8% to medical devices. Therefore if we are to meet our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint for NHS England by 80% by 2050 it is important that we better understand the carbon emissions of the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.
 The stakeholder consultation is now open and will close July 13th 2012.  We aim to create international guidance that  is relevant to healthcare professionals. We are inviting stakeholders to answer questions designed to ensure that the guidance is relevant and, if they wish, to comment on the technical aspects of the guidance document. Therefore, stakeholders who do not have a background in carbon footprinting will still be able to provide valuable input into the consultation process. 
Further information about the document, the consultation document and consultation feedback forms can be found at http://www.sdu.nhs.uk/sd_and_the_nhs/Pharmaceuticals-and-Medical-Devices.aspx 
There will also be four 1.5 hour webinars that yourself or your colleagues would be very welcome to attend. Each webinar will explain the guidance and its aims in greater details, and allow time to ask questions of the guidance’s authors (the international environmental consultancy firm ERM). It is hoped that the guidance will be internationally applicable and therefore the webinars will be held at various times to accommodate different time-zones: 7am and 3pm BST on June 26th, and 9am and 5pm BST on June 27th. Login details for the webinars are available on the SDU’s website at http://www.sdu.nhs.uk/news-events/events/72/International-Guidance-on-the-Carbon-Footprinting-of-Pharmaceuticals-and-Medical-Devices/
We wish to ensure that the guidance is relevant to healthcare professionals so we really hope that you are able to participate in this consultation process. We would also appreciate it if you are able to pass details of the public consultation and webinars onto any colleagues or contacts who you think might be interested
 If you have any questions please contact: 
 Dr. Emma Waters
Specialty Registrar in Public Health 
NHS Sustainable Development Unit (SDU) 
T:   01223 596964
E:  emma.waters at sdu.nhs.uk
W: www.sdu.nhs.uk


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