[Pharmwaste] Grant help from Listserv for new technology

Mark Donahue mdonahue3 at charter.net
Wed Jun 27 20:20:36 EDT 2012

JAN - 


I can only think that you do not vote for my technology because you coddle
to the status quo - collection events and INCINERATION as the end point. It
also occurred to me that you are an EPA official so maybe you "can't cant"
to any particular remediation technology. I give you the benefit of the
doubt but, be on notice from me that, the only treatment you endorse is
INCINERATION which is an evil, old hat modality for any waste treatment. If
there is a suitable alternative such as my proven system for this very
purpose you ought to be open-minded.


Curious still as to why you would not cast a vote for such a system that
doesn't require you to commit to its efficacy. Kinda sour grapes for some
damn reason, don't cha think? There will be no advances unless we take some
chances and I have applied extreme engineering design methodology for
several years to make this work. Jump out of the box!!!



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I'm not endorsing the project from Mr. Donahue, but I have heard of the
Missionsmallbusiness.com grant competition from a number of small business
friends of mine.
I don't think that att file that you are worried about needs to be opened at
all. Just go to the link for more information.
- -Jan

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Listserv members, I am a member of an entrepreneurial"Mark Donahue"
---06/26/2012 03:07:15 PM---Dear Listserv members, I am a member of an
entrepreneurial team that has a patent-pending system

From: "Mark Donahue" <mdonahue3 at charter.net>
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Subject: [Pharmwaste] Grant help from Listserv for new technology
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Dear Listserv members,
I am a member of an entrepreneurial team that has a patent-pending system
technology to treat Pharmaceutical and Medical waste in an eco-friendly
process. We are working with two states, three hospitals and the University
of Connecticut Law School, who are interested and/or helped us during this
process. This contest offers $250,000 to the gatherer of 250 votes or more.
Initial testing has recently concluded and our results were favorable. We
would like to build the first operating unit with the winnings before the
end of 2012. Our process will treat the environment and the hospitals'
bottom line in a very friendly way.

Please vote for us and tell your green friends too. Contest ends JUNE 30th. 


1.) go to  <http://missionsmallbusiness.com/> missionsmallbusiness.com
2.) "Log In & Support." (thru Facebook)
3.) MSSI (the name of our company)
4.) click on "Vote."
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