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Burke: Our RCRA group received this email and attached Determination memo from EPA regarding the use of portable burn units for the disposal of pharmaceuticals collected at community and other take-back collection events.  There is a federal exemption from air permitting for these units for destroying "contraband".  However, according to EPA, that exemption does not apply when burning drugs from take-back events.  In Florida, it appears that some law enforcement agencies that use these units are not aware that the air permitting exemption is limited to contraband.  We are going to provide this clarifying information to our law enforcement agencies.

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Here is the letter Region 6 Applicability Determination memo that Charlene Spells mentioned on the call today. In addition to the memo I sent earlier, this memo points out that the "contraband exemption" for law enforcement burning drugs is only for contraband drugs and that drugs collected during take-back events are NOT contraband. Also she suggested I include her contact info, in case anyone wants to follow up with her:

Charlene E. Spells
RTP, NC 27711
Phone: (919) 541-5255 Fax: (919) 541-3470
spells.charlene at epa.gov<mailto:spells.charlene at epa.gov>


(See attached file: 6-30-11 AMP ADEQ EEEE Final.pdf)

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Re: I'd like to know if anyone is aware of any recent research on the effectiveness of portable incinerators, or if they are being used in other states.

Local Charity Purchases Drug Disposal Device
The Save Our Kids Coalition of Bowling Green has purchased a "Drug Terminator", which will provide Kentucky State Police with a way to dispose of the prescription medication they receive from a very successful program.


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Here in Ohio, we're discussing the usage of the portable incinerators, from an air pollution standpoint.  I've been working with a colleague in the Ohio EPA Division of Air Pollution Control.  I'd like to know if anyone is aware of any recent research on the effectiveness of portable incinerators, or if they are being used in other states.  And if you would like to share incineration options in your state, I would be interested in hearing them.

Thank you,

Deb Hoffman
Environmental Specialist
Division of Materials and Waste Management
Ohio EPA

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