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Too bad they couldn't fit something like "Disposal: www.earth911.com<http://www.earth911.com>" on the sample label<http://www.usp.org/sites/default/files/usp_pdf/EN/hottopics/rs362f_pcl_2012-09-v18-page2.pdf>.


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First Universal Standards Guiding Content, Appearance of Prescription Container Labels to Promote Patient Understanding of Medication Instructions

USP General Chapter <17> Prescription Container Labeling seeks to address the nation's more than one million adverse drug events per year from medication misuse. The standard provides a universal approach to the format, appearance, content and language of instructions that appear on containers patients receive from their pharmacies. Wide variability in prescription container labels exists today across individual prescriptions, pharmacies, retail chains, and states. The USP standard provides specific direction on how to organize labels in a "patient-centered" manner that best reflects how most patients seek out and understand medication instructions.

Watch a Video of Thomas Reinders, Pharm.D., chair of the USP Nomenclature

Safety and Labeling Expert Committee explaining the new USP standards for the content and appearance of prescription container labels and how these standards will impact patients.

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