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Please excuse the cross posting, but I thought this was an important point to share with the list serve about controlled substance disposal for medical facilities. Please note that this email did not originate with me.

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This proposal is NOT for hospitals, as you stated Barbara.  We (hospitals) have to remain in a holding pattern until there if further movement from the federal DEA.   There is no federal DEA approved method of capturing narcotics in a type of solidifier or dedicated container and rendering them "unrecoverable or destroyed".  The federal DEA has recently advised their field offices not to approve anything like this.

Hospitals have no choice but to continue sewering until there is approval.  There may be a very small percentage that have the capacity to use fuel blending with the chain of custody in place, but this is very rare.  Some vendors have told their customers to place narcotics in sharps containers.  This is NOT legal and with many sharps containers headed to autoclaves, it is ineffective, as well.

Practice Greenhealth knows this is a top issue for hospitals and will keep the community updated as additional information and options become available.   Thanks for the notes.... Janet

Janet Brown, EDAC
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I reviewed the proposed rule and do NOT see a resolution for hospitals managing controlled substances.  There is a proposal to allow co-mingling of non-hazardous pharmaceuticals and controlled substances for take-back programs, but not for hospitals, as they are not deemed as secure as i.e. a retail pharmacy.  Any other comments?

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The topic of controlled substance disposal continues to challenge all.  Here is a link to an EPA grant where Albany Medical Center shares their practices for ZERO medication sewering and they have approval to remove narcotics by making them unrecoverable in a sticky substance.  I am ccing the author, Dr. Russ Mankes.

Here is a summary of the report:  http://practicegreenhealth.org/sites/default/files/upload-files/pharmaceutical_grant_at_albany_medical_center.pdf

But also go to the page for video and much data and detail on Albany Medical Center's Program:

I share the interest of any others that have received approval to move away from sewering.

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