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The Yellow Jug Old Drugs program is clearly a great model for a large
scale collection program.  Great work!
Regarding point 5, do any of you think it would be possible for enough
data to be collected nationwide from communities with and without
collection programs to establish a cause and effect link between
decreases in youth prescription abuse rates or the number of accidental
poisonings and effective collection programs?
My common sense says that collection programs have at least some
positive effect.  I think it is likely that the program I'm involved
with, small as it is, has prevent at least one teen from becoming a drug
abuser and one person from being accidentally poisoned.  Though this
assumption is statistically unprovable, the financial savings alone from
this scenario would have more than paid for all the costs of our program
to date.
The high financial cost to society caused long term by one new teen
drug abuser and immediately by one accidental poisoning are good points
to make when asking for funding for your collection programs!
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Great News guys!

I love that last statistic! The others are good too, just sayin'.
Can you elaborate?
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8,516 lbs above what AR took in after just 5 take back events starting
on 9/25/10.  Good job Chris and Co!
(homepage http://www.artakeback.org/ ).
1.     Arkansas ranks #4 nationally in pounds collected per person;
2.     Over 23 ½ tons, estimated at 66 million pills, have been
collected in Arkansas;
3.     Arkansas's average number of participating law enforcement
agencies is 55 more than the national average;
4.     Arkansas's average number of collection sites for each event is
150 - the national average is 103 per event, per state; and
5.     In the past three years Arkansas youth prescription abuse rates
have dropped in 27 of 30 measures included in the Arkansas Prevention
Needs Assessment (APNA).
Allen Gilliam
ADEQ State Pretreatment Coordinator
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    Issue Date: 1.21.13
CONTACT: Chris Angel  989-736-8179    info at greatlakescleanwater.org
7746 Pounds of Unused/Unwanted Drugs
Collected and Disposed of Properly in Recent Collection in Michigan
During the recent quarterly collection at participating pharmacies in
Michigan, the Yellow Jug Old Drugs program collected 7746  lbs. of
unused/unwanted drugs. Yellow Jug Old Drugs is a program that works in
partnership with local pharmacies to collect and properly dispose of
unwanted/unused drugs in a safe and approved manner to help keep our
water clean. Individuals can dispose of unused/unwanted drugs free of
charge at participating pharmacies.
Currently there are  251  pharmacies participating in Michigan,
Illinois and Wisconsin. The program was started by Great Lakes Clean
Water (GLCW), a non-profit organization in May 2009. A total of  55,516
lbs. has been collected to date. Total weight is for drugs collected
only and does not include product packaging as plastic, paper and items
are returned to customers for recycling where appropriate.
According to Chris Angel, GLCW President, interest in the Yellow Jug
Old Drugs program is very strong and continues to grow. “It’s a win-win
for pharmacies to provide the program and for the residents where those
pharmacies are located. “We all want clean water and disposing of
unused/unwanted drugs properly is something we can all do to help keep
our water safe.”
Angel added that presently retail pharmacies can only accept
non-controlled substances, however that is soon to change as new
regulations proposed by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) will soon
allow retail pharmacies to accept controlled substances as well. “Since
the beginning of our program four years ago we planned for being able to
accept controlled substances at some point. We are now taking steps that
will allow us to do that in accordance with the new (DEA) regulations.”
          Program support in Michigan is provided by local pharmacies,
United Water, Detroit Renewable Power, SSCENT, Community Foundation of
Northeast Michigan, Northern Michigan Substance Abuse Services, Barry
County Substance Abuse Task Force, Gratiot County Solid Waste Authority,
Ten Sixteen Recovery Network and the Michigan DEQ Michigan Community
Pollution Prevention (P2) Grant Program for the development of ongoing
household drug collection programs.
To find a participating pharmacy in your area go to
www.greatlakescleanwater.org  or call 989-736-8179 Like us on Facebook
and Follow on Twitter
Chris Angel,President
Volunteer Board Of Directors
Great Lakes Clean Water Organization
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