[Pharmwaste] Criminal activity related to Med Take Back Events

Jaramillo, Jeanie Jeanie.Jaramillo at ttuhsc.edu
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Hello All,

I've done more reading of the proposed new rule for the collection of controlled substances.  I find it interesting that they propose only law enforcement handle the meds at a community take back and specifically state that volunteers should not handle meds due to the increased risk of diversion.  Yet, they go on to the mail-back program which includes mail carriers handling the meds and to a suggestion that these meds be mailed directly to a law enforcement dept where a "full time employee" without a record may handle the packages.  There seems to be no method to how they determine what "acceptable risk" is....

So, I'm requesting your help.  I've seen several posts of newspaper/media reports where officers were charged with theft of meds from take back programs and I've seen reports where mail carriers have been charged with theft of mail-order meds (amongst other things).  I haven't seen reports of take back volunteers being charged (though I do see the risk and I'm not debating that it has/will or will not happen.)  I'd like to compile these different reports.  So, if you have one saved somewhere and could forward them (or their link) to me, I'd appreciate it.

Comments to the proposed rule are due by Feb. 19th - don't let it slip by.

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