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Deborah, The new proposed DEA regs. on Disposal for Controlled Substances have new, very
specific guidelines for "Collection Receptacles" and "Liners" for collecting Controlled Substances. Assuming these proposed rules are adopted most of the Collection Receptacles in use currently will not meet the new requirements unless modified.
See proposed DEA regs pg 49-52.

I'm aware of this because we have a "Collection Receptacle" and "Liner" in development that will meet the proposed standards but are waiting until final rules are in place and our Collection System is approved by DEA before putting them in use to ensure that our "Collection Receptacles and "Liners" do meet the new standards.

While our program works currently strictly with Pharmacies, the DEA regs for Collection Receptacles and Liners are the same for Law Enforcement.

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>             I am looking for information on drug collection boxes for installation at law enforcement sites.  I would appreciate links to sites, any cost comparisons you may have done, and your opinions on the various types that are available.  You may reply either on the list or to me individually.  Thanks for any help you can offer.
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