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Ed Gottlieb egottlieb at cityofithaca.org
Mon Jan 28 07:22:41 EST 2013

Hi Deborah,

Here is my long-winded reply to your question about drop-box models.
After organizing six successful one day collection events (Avg:
Participants = 480; Pounds = 999; Doses Controlled Substances = 18,000),
the Coalition for Safe Medication Disposal has begun implementing a
county wide drop-box program.  Organizing one day events required
considerable effort, even more so when held independently of the DEA
sponsored events.  Our expectation is that drop-boxes will make safe
disposal more convenient and decrease the need for one day collections.
We hope to cut back from two one day events a year to just one, once all
of our boxes are in place.
A number of local law enforcement agencies said they did not have
enough secure storage to participate.  In response we purchased a 20’
steel storage unit and placed it in a central, secure location.
We considered many different drop-boxes for our program:  Medreturn,
Salsbury’s Courier, DVault’s Front Access Drop Box, and custom designed
boxes we saw in use at other programs.  One concern I had about some of
the designs was that there was little clearance between the top of the
tote and the top of the door.  If the tote is filled to overflowing, it
might not be able to be removed without reaching in the narrow gap to
pull items off the top.  That would pose a much greater risk for being
stuck with an improperly disposed of sharp.
Only one of the ten law enforcement agencies we were working with had
enough space to fit one of these large boxes.
We installed a DVault Front Access Box at the Sheriff’s Public Safety
Building on September 17, 2012.  It was emptied 14 times between then
and December 24th with a total weight collected of 172.15 Lbs., roughly
64 Lbs./month.  The Sheriff is quite happy with the box though he added
that it would be great if it held more to allow for less frequent
emptying.  The only box I've seen that holds more are re-purposed U.S.
Mail boxes.  When I contacted the Postal Service I was told they no
longer sell used boxes for other purposes.
The other nine law enforcement agencies I'm working with asked for a
box that was less deep than the commercial boxes I located.  After
buying a narrow profile box, designed for mail, and realizing it was not
secure enough, we decided to design our own.
DVault agreed to work with us on the design of a narrow profile box.

That process is now complete and I'm excited by the results.  I think
it will meet the needs of many locations that have limited space.
Nether I nor the CSMD stand to gain from the sale of this box so I hope
you will forgive my enthusiasm, which probably makes this sound like a
sales pitch!
The new box is only 14" deep, 25" wide, and 39" high.  Amazingly, with
a 16 gallon insert tote, it holds more than any other commercial box I
know of.  That means less frequent emptying.  It has other great
features like a flashlight view window so that the fill level can be
checked without opening the box, duel lock doors as required by the new
DEA draft rules, a lockable drop door to take the box out of service if
required, and a no-lip bottom, allowing the tote to be pulled out
without lifting it.
I just received pricing info for the box.  The insert tote is sold
separately.  Tote prices start at about $57 and drop to about $51 for
larger orders (+ shipping.)  The higher price for a small box order
reflects the cost of retooling to produce a different model.  If
production for this model is underway, it may be possible for a small
order to get a better price.
"Please note that materials costs and freight charges are only
estimates and may be subject to change due to fluctuating energy related
1-24       $781.65 (+ shipping for all of these)

25-49     $585.09
50-99     $538.85
10-249    $515.72
250-499  $506.48
500-999  $497.23
1000+     $494.91
The product is so new I don't think it has made it onto their website
yet.  I have some drawings I can send if you are interested or, better
yet, you can go strait to DVault.  Contact Karen at sales at dvault.com
720-895-1908 office |  720-895-1909 fax www.dvault.com
Ed Gottlieb
Chair, Coalition for Safe Medication Disposal
Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator
Ithaca Area Wastewater Treatment Facility
525 3rd Street
Ithaca, NY 14850
(607) 273-8381
fax: (607) 273-8433

Averages for CSMD one day collection events:
Participants = 480; Pounds = 999; Doses controlled substances = 18,000

>>> "DeBiasi, Deborah (DEQ)" <Deborah.DeBiasi at deq.virginia.gov>
1/25/2013 9:27 AM >>>

            I am looking for information on drug collection boxes for
installation at law enforcement sites.  I would appreciate links to
sites, any cost comparisons you may have done, and your opinions on the
various types that are available.  You may reply either on the list or
to me individually.  Thanks for any help you can offer.
Deborah L. DeBiasi
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Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Office of Water Permit and Compliance Assistance Programs
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         P.O. Box 1105, Richmond, VA  23218
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