[Pharmwaste] RE: DEA final action date published

Lucy, Burke at CalRecycle Burke.Lucy at CalRecycle.ca.gov
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Here's some context from the "Federal Register Tutorial" (http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/tutorial/online-html.html):

Overview of Rulemaking Process
1. Grant of rulemaking authority
Congress delegates authority directly to agencies
President may delegate constitutional authority to subordinates
President or Agency Head may re-delegate authority to subordinates

2. Proposed Rule stage
OMB Reviews under E.O. 12866.
Agencies publish Proposed Rule in FR for public comment

3. Final Rule stage
OMB Reviews again under E.O. 12866
Agencies publish final rule in FR responds to comments, amends CFR, sets effective date

4. Congressional review
Agencies submit rules to Congress and GAO (could nullify rule)

5. Effective date
30 day minimum, 60 days for major rule, no minimum for good cause
Agency may delay or withdraw rule before it becomes effective

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Can anyone detail exactly what "final action" means from DEA? I don't want to assume that I understand their terminology or processes.


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Please note that this did not originate with me. Also, let me know if you ever have problems with the list serve not posting for you! Thanks, Laurie

DEA has published a final action date for its rules on disposal of controlled substances.  Here is a link on the Federal Register, listing of a final action date of 3/00/14.


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