[Pharmwaste] 'Suppressed' EU report could have banned pesticides worth billions

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Sounds like something that typically happens with our policy makers on the hill...

Does anyone practice the Precautionary Principal anymore?  And didn't I read the EU was decades ahead of the U.S. in its use?

Allen g

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'Suppressed' EU report could have banned pesticides worth billions

Science paper recommended ways of identifying hormone-mimicking chemicals in pesticides linked to foetal abnormalities, genital mutations, infertility and other diseases including cancer

As many as 31 pesticides with a value running into billions of pounds could have been banned because of potential health risks, if a blocked EU paper on hormone-mimicking chemicals had been acted upon, the Guardian has learned.
The science paper, seen by the Guardian, recommends ways of identifying and categorising the endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that scientists link to a rise in foetal abnormalities, genital mutations, infertility, and adverse health effects ranging from cancer to IQ loss.
Commission sources say that the paper was buried by top EU officials under pressure from big chemical firms which use EDCs in toiletries, plastics and cosmetics, despite an annual health cost that studies peg at hundreds of millions of euros<http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/dec/02/toiletries-health-impact-could-cost-millions-report-says>.   (Long article - read the rest at the site above)

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