[Pharmwaste] Which States Can't Do Pharmacy Take Back? + US SC

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Here’s another success, also hot off the presses, http://patch.com/new-york/westhampton-hamptonbays/decs-first-long-island-take-back-day-healthcare-facilities-success (pasted in below), though this isn’t at pharmacies, but rather at healthcare facilities, which supports the hosptial idea on the related thread.

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DEC's First Long Island Take Back Day For Healthcare Facilities a Success
The department collected over 52 boxes of medication.
By Priscila Korb (Patch Staff) February 12, 2015 at 1:50pm

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced recently that the DEC collected over 52 boxes of pharmaceutical medications during the first DEC Long Island Pharmaceutical Take Back Day at healthcare facilities.

Twenty-five long-term healthcare facilities throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties participated in the program, including at the Westhampton Beach Police Department and the Southampton Town Police Department, which collects and responsibly destroys unused or expired pharmaceuticals.

“Health care facilities can produce large amounts of expired or unused medications and many have few options for disposal,” Martens said. “The success of this collection by DEC is a positive step that will help to protect the environment by preventing medications from entering waterways. We are grateful to all the facilities that enthusiastically agreed to participate in this event.”

DEC received funding through the Environmental Fund for $150,000 to expand the program, which already exists in the New York City Watershed.

The program is designed to reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals that are “flushed” by facilities and can end up in Long Island’s groundwater, bays and estuaries. Pharmaceuticals have been detected at low levels in New York State waterways and Long Island’s shallow groundwater.

“We are thrilled that DEC was able to provide this critical service, which benefits all Long Islanders and goes a long way toward protecting Long Island’s drinking and surface waters from pharmaceutical contaminants,” Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment said. “Giving health care facilities a safe and convenient pharmaceutical disposal option has already reduced the number of institutions flushing unused medications, and now participation in this program needs to be expanded and strengthened in the future.”

Participating facilities, made up primarily of nursing, extended care and rehabilitation centers, began storing unused and expired medications in October when they were first contacted by DEC.

Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) then visited each of the 25 facilities this week to collect the stored medications and brought them to the Covanta Waste-to-Energy Plant in Westbury, which volunteered its services to incinerate the products.

Prescription drug take back efforts began in the last few years, but before that, the normal disposal practice was to flush unwanted drugs.

With technological advances in analytical techniques, it is now possible to detect very low levels of drugs in surface water and groundwater.

Some drugs pass largely unaltered through wastewater treatment plants and enter rivers and other waterways.

Drugs from heath care facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and farms can also find their way into the water.

Flushed medications have been found in New York lakes, rivers and streams which can negatively affect the waterways.

A nationwide study done in 1999 and 2000 by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) found low levels of drugs such as antibiotics, hormones, contraceptives and steroids in 80 percent of rivers and streams tested.

Medications adversely affect fish and other aquatic wildlife and increase the development of drug-resistant bacteria.

For more information on where you can dispose of unused or expired medications, visit DEC’s website at http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/63826.html#Long_Island.

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A success story: http://m.ksl.com/index/story/sid/33453402?mobile_direct=y

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Hello Everyone:

May I suggest that we focus on success stories, instead of the three states that need changes. Focusing on success stories has proven to be the best way to move ideas forward. Even those of us who have allowed takebacks from the beginning still need a lot of help to make them affordable and get them into every pharmacy who wants to participate.



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Subject: [Pharmwaste] Which States Can't Do Pharmacy Take Back? + US SC

Thanks Amy!  It sounds like multiple state agencies, including the Board of Pharmacy, need to change their rules to allow for pharmacy take back of controlled substances in MO.  I wonder if the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy missed listing any other states?

I also learned that here in New York, there is a Health Department rule that prohibits pharmacy take back.  They are working to change it so that pharmacies can take advantage of the new DEA rule.  I will try to get a time line from them ASAP.

This leaves me with the question of how many other states have departments with rules that currently prevent pharmacy take back?

Finally, a list serve member who is a lawyer was kind enough to send me this explanation of the process happening at the Supreme Court.
A very brief explanation is that this means that the case has been distributed and the court is reviewing whether to consider taking the case.  At this stage, the Court staff will prepare a memo which the justices will review with the filed papers to make a determination if they anyone wishes to discuss whether to hear the case or not.  If no justice indicates they want to discuss the case, the Court will  issue an order that the case will not be considered, and the writ denied. This could occur as early as the  following week.   If any justice decides they do want to consider hearing the case, the Court will ask for more information before they discuss it.  If that is the case, the Court will issue an order, likely in March, that they want a full brief from the County before making a decision on whether hear the case.    There are some other things that can occur, however, these two scenarios are the most likely.
It is my understanding that if, after getting the full brief, three or more justices vote to hear the case it will be scheduled on their docket.
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Subject: RE: [Pharmwaste] Program closes, lack of funds. MO 4th state to not allow pharmacy take back?
Currently the MO law does not allow for pharmacies to do take back. That being said, when the new rules and regs came out, the MO Board of Pharmacy as well as the BNDD and other state agencies started discussing this. My understanding is that they intend to change the state regulations to allow this and there should be an emergency order coming out soon.
In the St. Louis area we still have law enforcement providing med take back through funds and a partnership with a non-profit (www.missourip2d2.org<http://www.missourip2d2.org>) that pays for incineration for partner law enforcement.
Please let me know if you have any other questions as I am very involved with this issue in St. Louis!

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Subject: [Pharmwaste] Program closes, lack of funds. MO 4th state to not allow pharmacy take back?

Another take back program has been forced to close due to the DEA pull out.


This story reports that Missouri state law prohibits pharmacy take back.  Missouri is not one of the states (Georgia, Oklahoma and Hawaii) previously identified as not permitting pharmacy take back.

Can anyone confirm if Missouri state law prohibits pharmacy take back?  If an response is not forthcoming, would anyone from the Show-Me state volunteer to contact your state Board of Pharmacy to ask about restrictions and, if they exist, find out when they will change them to be aligned with the new federal rule?  Thanks!

Any volunteers from Georgia, Oklahoma and Hawaii willing to do the same?
Maybe the gentle pressure of inquires will help motivate those state pharmacy boards to take action sooner.
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