[Pharmwaste] Covanta's Rx4Safety program - Free incineration of collected drugs at 22 plants in 12 states

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            In Virginia, this program works really well.  The responsible person for managing the drug collection fills out a form for Covanta to have on file.  When a delivery is planned, notify Covanta that you (law enforcement or someone authorized to transport controlled substances) are coming.  When you get there, you drive up on the scale for a weight, then take the drugs to the chute for witnessed destruction.  You drive up onto the scale for another weight, and that's about it.

            Covanta will accept drugs from any state that can get them to their incinerator if the regulations for that state allow it.  Virginia allows it.  The other participating incinerators are listed at the end of this mail.

Community Health & Safety: Prescription for Safety Program (Rx4Safety)
Rx4Safety has safely destroyed One Million Pounds of Unwanted Medications<http://www.covanta.com/about-covanta/community-engagement/milestone%20award.aspx>! We are celebrating by honoring our partners with the "A Million Thanks" award. Check out the list of awardees here<http://www.covanta.com/about-covanta/community-engagement/milestone%20award.aspx>!
When flushed down the drain or disposed of in landfills, medications enter waterways and contaminate surface waters, having an adverse effect on our drinking water and the environment. Typical waste water treatment plants are not designed to remove drugs from drinking water, resulting in a negative impact upon aquatic organisms, fish and other wildlife when these pharmaceuticals are disposed of improperly. In addition, unused medication in the household may contribute to growing rates of prescription drug abuse among Americans, particularly teenagers.
In support of national efforts to alleviate these issues, Covanta developed the Prescription for Safety Program (Rx4Safety) to provide safe, free disposal of medications collected at community sponsored drug take-back programs. Covanta's Energy-from-Waste (EfW) facilities provide safe, environmentally sound destruction that protects water resources and reduces the risk of drugs reaching unauthorized users.
Municipalities interested in participating in Covanta's program must obtain appropriate regulatory approvals in order to ensure that such wastes are not classified as hazardous waste from a federal, state, or local perspective. Each program would be subject to a due diligence review by Covanta. For more information, please email  or call John Frotton at JFrotton at covanta.com<mailto:JFrotton at covanta.com>.
John Frotton
Area Manager
Sustainable Solutions
JFrotton at covanta.com<mailto:JFrotton at covanta.com>

445 South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
Tel: 862-345-5039
Cell: 973-722-3892

Here is what Covanta has with reference to plants that participate in the RX4 Safety program

INDIANA                   (Indianapolis)
NEW YORK              (Niagara Falls, Westbury, Huntington)
OREGON                  (Brooks)
MASSACHUSETTS  (Haverhill, Pittsfield, West Wareham, Agawam)
FLORIDA                  (Okahumpka)
ALABAMA                (Huntsville)
CONNECTICUT       (Preston, Bristol)
HAWAII                     (Honolulu)
OKALAHOMA         (Tulsa)
NEW JERSEY           (Rahway, Camden, Newark, Oxford)
CALIFORNIA           (Crows Landing)
VIRGINIA                 (Alexandria, Lorton)

Deborah L. DeBiasi
Email:   Deborah.DeBiasi at deq.virginia.gov
WEB site address:  www.deq.virginia.gov<http://www.deq.virginia.gov/>
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Office of Water Permits
Industrial Pretreatment/Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) Program
PPCPs, EDCs, and Microconstituents
Mail:          P.O. Box 1105, Richmond, VA  23218
Location:  629 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA  23219
PH:         804-698-4028      FAX:      804-698-4032

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