[Pharmwaste] Great Lakes Clean Water Organization/US Clean Water Org. First Non-Profit in the US Licensed as DEA Reverse Distributor to Collect Controlled Substances For Disposal.

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2.26.15                                                &nbsp
;         Contact: Chris Angel
 Great Lakes Clean Water Organization First Non-Profit in the US  Licensed as DEA Reverse Distributor to Collect
Controlled Substances For Disposal.
A lot of positive changes have taken place since Great Lakes Clean Water Organization started the Yellow Jug Old Drugs program in 2008.The Rx-Waste disposal program works in partnership with local pharmacies to promote
proper collection of unused/unwanted drugs to help keep our water clean. Proper disposal of unused/unwanted drugs is also a key weapon in the fight against misuse of prescription drugs.
When the program started, there were very few pharmacies providing collection and disposal of
unused/unwanted drugs. Pharmacies were not allowed to accept controlled substances for disposal they could only collect non-controlled substances. Many states had rules and regulations in place that prohibited pharmacies from accepting Rx-Waste for disposal.
In the past six years significant
progress has been made. The Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act published by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on September 9, 2014 allows retail pharmacies to collect controlled substances from individuals for proper disposal.    
GLCW had been collecting non-controlled
substances with the Yellow Jug Old Drugs program. In order to collect controlled substances from pharmacies for disposal Great Lakes Clean Water Org had to be licensed as a Reverse Distributor with the DEA. GLCW recently received final approval, making it the newest of the 27 Reverse Distributors in
the US and the only Reverse Distributor that is a non-profit organization.
The Yellow Jug Old Drugs program is now available in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio and in New York and Pennsylvania soon.  Because of the success of the program in the Great Lakes region the
organization is making plans to expand the scope of the program beyond the Great Lakes to other locations in the US. This new initiative will be operated by Great Lakes Clean Water Organization, also doing business as (DBA) US Clean Water Organization. www.USCleanWater.org    
Go to www.SecureResponsibleDrugDisposal.org for more info.
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