[Pharmwaste] 11 "states" signed up for Cordant Health Solutions take back

Doug Bowman Dbowman at assuredwaste.com
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If the patient receives a prepaid envelope (mail back package) and in turn
sends this back full of medications to Cordant Health Solutions, then
Cordant must be an "Authorized Collector" with the DEA and have an on-site
incinerator at their site where the returned mail back package(s)
(medication) in the prepaid envelope is sent to (21 CFR 1317.70 (a)).  The
prepaid envelope must also meet the requirements of 21 CFR 1370.70 (c) (1-6)




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"Soon patients sent home with pain medication may get a prepaid envelope,
too. Once they're done with their medicine, they can mail back any unused

That's one of the scenarios that Ian Corbridge of the Washington State
Hospital Association envisions. "We're trying to make sure that we have an
easy process in place for patients to get rid of unused opiates in the
community," he said, "while also not making it too burdensome on them."

The association has collaborated with Cordant Health Solutions, a
Denver-based toxicology company. Cordant will collect the unused drugs and
dispose of them. Since the company launched the program late July, 11 states
including Washington have signed up." 

11 "states" (note small "s") signed up since late July!  Anyone know what
they are doing and where?  
I suspect that Hospital Associations (or similar) from 11 different states
are participating.
I tried calling Cordant to get more info on their program.  No answer, not
even an answering machine.  

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