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Yellow Jug Old Drugs expanding to National Program

Since its formation in 2008 Great Lakes/US Clean Water (GLCW/USCW) has 
been a leader and an innovator in collection and disposal of 
unused/unwanted drugs in a safe and approved manner. Proper disposal of 
Rx-Waste helps keeps our drinking water, lakes, rivers and streams 
clean, keeps our kids safe and makes our communities a better place to 

  Great Lakes /US Clean Water is now announcing plans to expand its 
program nationally. According to Chris Angel, GLCW/USCW President, this 
will be the largest expansion of the Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program since 
its formation.

The Yellow Jug Old Drugs Program is the only Rx-waste Program operated 
by a Non-Profit in the country. It is the second largest in the country 
in number of pharmacies participating. GLCW/USCW is the first non-profit 
organization in the United States to be licensed as a Reverse 
Distributor by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Reverse Distributor 
designation is required to accept controlled substances from pharmacies 
for proper destruction. GLCW/USCW is one of 27 Reverse Distributors in 
the country.

Angel adds, “We knew that establishing our base in Detroit would help 
facilitate expansion, however it’s happening at a faster pace than we 
originally anticipated”

The groups expansion program is being aided by a Private Foundation 
based in Michigan. The goal of the Initiative is to;
1. Expand the number of Rx-waste collection sites in very state
2. Expand the number of Chain pharmacies participating. (Currently 
independent pharmacies participate in greater numbers.)
3. Help GLCW/USCW expand its funding base to further ensure program 
sustainability and shared funding responsibility for Rx waste collection 
and disposal.

Currently, the program fee that pharmacies pay ($300 per year) is the 
primary funding source.

Angel states, “While this provides a sustainable model, we have always 
promoted a funding model where pharmacies do not provide all the 
funding.  Our goal is 1/3 pharmacy,1/3 consumers  and  1/3  
pharmaceutical companies. Fortunately, now with the help of this 
Foundation initiative we will be able to start working towards that goal 
while also increasing the number of locations across the country where 
people will be able to take unused/unwanted drugs for proper disposal”

The Foundation is providing seed funding and technical support to help 
kick start the new initiative and is encouraging other foundations, 
organizations, companies and individuals to get on board. The Private 
Foundation based in Michigan has asked to remain anonymous. Angel adds. 
They approached us and we are so grateful for this opportunity. The 
members of this Foundation are committed to Clean Water, especially 
water in the Great Lakes Region. They told us early on that is where 
they wanted the focus to be, not on who was providing assistance with 
this initiative”

Angel added “Water is vital to everyone. When I do a presentation on the 
topic, I start by asking participants to raise their hand if they drink 
water. All hands go in the air. Everyone wants clean water!! This is an 
environmental issue that working together as a community of concerned, 
active individuals we can do something about.”

To add your name to growing list of those that are supporting this 
project contact Chris Angel, President GLCW/USCW at 989 335 5507 or 
e-mail at ChrisAngel at GreatLakes-US-CleanWater.org
For Volunteer Info Contact 
VolunteerCoordinator at GreatLakes-US-Cleanwater.org

Chris angel, President



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