[Pharmwaste] "Pharmaceutical manufacturers resist responsibility for collection efforts"

Ed Gottlieb EGottlieb at cityofithaca.org
Wed Nov 2 09:20:50 EDT 2016

Report on the Dept. of Public Health report to the Los Angeles Co. Board of Supervisors:

“We’ve wasted a lot of time … people are dying,” Supervisor Solis said. "It’s time that we really start to hold some people responsible.”

"Supervisor Sheila Kuehl said she did not believe the industry was committed to solving the problem.  “They’re too busy spending $109 million to defeat Prop 61,” Kuehl said, referencing a measure on this month’s ballot that would prohibit the state from buying prescription drugs at any price in excess of the lowest price negotiated by the Department of Veterans Affairs."

I can understand PhARMA spending $109 million to protect profits far in excess of that.  I don't understand why they have spent a similar amount, as reported by someone at My Old Meds, promoting trash disposal.  That amount plus what they have spent directly opposing EPR would be a good chunk of what's needed to establish a national take back program!

My hope is that as the bad press mounts, they will decide to stop fighting EPR and save the money being spent promoting trash disposal.  If that happens, they will probably fight to keep their costs down as much as possible by pushing for minimal convenience standards, etc.

So, please share these Supervisors thoughts with others, especially any decision makers you know who are, or may soon be, considering pharmaceutical EPR legislation!

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