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Hat tip to Jim...well said!!!

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It amazes me that the EPA pat's itself on the back for taking 10 years to regulate a handful of chemicals and ignores the main source of contamination, excretion. Have any of you looked at USP 800 and the requirement to control hazardous drugs even some that are excreted such as Cyclophosphamide (U058) and it's metabolite Acrolein (P003). Yes I know it is not regulated by the EPA and ignoring the human waste with the defense that it is not EPA regulated is like the IRS walking into your office and telling them you were not driving over 55 MPH.
I have attached an article in progress with some communications between USP and The Joint Commission on the topic. The last conversation stated;

"We maintain the position that <800> does not effectively impose the requirement to collect excreta outside of healthcare facilities"

I read that as it does require the collection of excreta inside healthcare facilities and with USP 797 removing the exemption for home healthcare the home becomes a healthcare facility.
This is something we should all pay attention to.

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Hi All,

I've attached the official version from the Federal Register that was published today.  Kudos to the EPA for finalizing this rulemaking!

We continue to expand our website with a wealth of information regarding these new regulations.  We hope you find it useful.  www.pwaste.com/EPA-Subpart-P<http://www.pwaste.com/EPA-Subpart-P>

To see when it may likely go into effect in your state, go to www.pwaste.com/state<http://www.pwaste.com/state>


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