[Pharmwaste] Wisconsin has another take-back record

Catherine Zimmer zenllc at usfamily.net
Fri Jan 4 11:18:56 EST 2019

Hi Christine and all,


Christine, I couldn't agree more.  There is no longer anyone taking the
reins on source reduction of pharmaceuticals.  Steven Gressitt and I were
trying to work that angle, but unfortunately Steven died and I am a
consultant in private practice.  While I've tried to find grants to pursue
this type of work, there really aren't any that are viable.  As you know,
grants take a lot of administrative effort and must be fairly large to be
economically viable.  


In 2012 the Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) enacted legislation that
would allow trial doses of rx without requiring a copay (I think it was),
but that has not been widely enacted.  I also did work on vouchers rather
than samples.  The other point of course is we are a drug oriented society
and most people demand a pill rather than other options to address ailments.
Lastly, in addition, we really need MD to push the change to less drugs and
better health.  



Very truly yours,


Catherine Zimmer, MS, BSMT

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Not sure if I'm happy about this news??? A double edge sword once again in
the world of waste. 


On one hand people in WI are doing the right thing and dropping meds at
collection boxes vs. flushing, but I'm sad that we are the #1 Wasters of
pharmaceuticals!  I doubt waste reduction will ever be the topic of concern
when it comes to medications, safety will always take top bill.   


At lease our water is staying cleanerJ 


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Way to go Wisconsin!


"Wisconsin collected a record-breaking 68,016 pounds of unused medications
at drug disposal boxes and October Take Back events in 2018.


The state collected more unused medications than 48 other states, and only
falling in second place to California.

Since 2015, Wisconsin has consistently been in the top three in the country,
collecting and disposing of 469,785 lbs. of unused and unwanted



Ed Gottlieb 
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Ithaca Area Wastewater Treatment Facility
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