shrug-l: PBS&J - Program Manger Positions

Palmer, Michelle
Tue, 1 Apr 2003 11:02:02 -0600

PBS&J has immediate openings for 2 Program Managers in our Atlanta, GA and
Miami, FL offices

Position Summary:

-Supervise staff and work production of a technical service program unit. 

-Provides leadership, direction and technical guidance to program staff to
ensure that quality technical services are provided to clients and the
program meets its operating performance targets. 

-Project production, marketing efforts, and financial aspects of the program
to ensure client satisfaction, continued program production backlog, and
profitability of all projects within the program unit. 

-Responsible for programs with annual revenues of less than $1.5M, limited
geographic or technical scope, and/or staff group of less than 15
professionals and support personnel. 

20-30% travel when needed to client site. 

Please apply online at

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