shrug-l: FL SEOC assistance/activation

Boyce, Carla
Tue, 31 Aug 2004 13:00:57 -0400

I originally sent this email from my DCA account which is not the =
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ThanX to all for the response!=20
Let me give you a little more detail . . .=20
First some background, I was re-tasked and activated in response to =
Charley around 8/10. After landfall FDEMs GIS guru (Gary Watry) was =
to a disaster field office to assist in recovery efforts. I remained at =
EOC coordinating GIS needs and staffing necessary to complete response
support efforts until the SEOC (State Emergency Operations Center) stood =
from a level 1 activation, which occurred on 8/27.=20
Normally I work for OCAMA, specifically the Apalachicola Research =
Reserve as
their GIS Analyst/Environmental Specialist. I have been "released" back =
to my
agency w/the understanding that I may be needed to relieve those =
who have been deployed to the field (Gary Watry, GIS -FDEM and Tom =
DEP). I am also tasked w/occasionally completing requests and other =
duties at
FDEM GIS shop until Gary's return. This last task is why you are
corresponding w/me instead of Gary Watry.=20
During Hurricane Charley it was evident that additional GIS/Web support =
needed to handle an event of that magnitude, more support than a single
division would need during normal operations anyway. So . . . I made =
with others to start compiling a list of those who could be called upon =
another event, especially if it occurred before response/recovery =
were completed from Charley. The latest info on Frances is predicting =
she will make landfall somewhere along FL's east coast.=20
As of this morning the SEOC is slated to go to Level 1 activation =
(9/1) at 7am. Translated - that means the EOC will be at 24hr/day =
for an undetermined time (Charley was from the 10th until the 24th - 14
days). Individuals will work 12hr shifts (7-7) including weekends. It =
may be
possible to utilize three 8hr shifts to cover 24hr operations if enough
personnel is identified and available. Meals will be provided on-site
(breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight meal).=20
Short term needs . . .=20
Web Assistance - Joyce Young (DEP) will be tasked to the SEOC for web =
today (8/31) and Wed (9/1). She will assist in identifying/orienting
personnel to replace here during Level 1 activation. Web personnel will =
needed on-site between 6am and 10pm (two 8hr shifts), including weekends
beginning tomorrow (9/1) and lasting at least two days past landfall
(estimated to begin Sat evening sometime). These hrs are subject to =
depending on need. Information regarding evacuation/shelters etc are =
to users via the web so this is a critical function.=20
Tasks include mostly maintenance/updates of the already established (cleanup/updates of Charley info). This site =
information to the general public as well as local EOCs and responders.
During activations it is one of the primary ways that the SEOC =
with those user groups as well as the press, governors office, =
partners etc.=20
GIS Assistance - Beginning Wed (9/1) 4 personnel will be needed to cover =
operations (including weekends). It is my understanding currently that =
(FDEM/GIS) will return to Tallahassee should the SEOC go to level one =
until he/I can train someone else I will be one of the other three that =
needed. That leaves 2 additional personnel that need to be identified. I =
currently trying to make contact w/the last two individuals used during
Hurricane Charley as they are already oriented and have some experience =
the EOC during high level activation. In an effort to minimize impact to =
"parent" agencies, I'd like to develop a list of alternates that can be
tapped should Frances actually make landfall and extend level 1 =
for any significant duration. Assuming they can be available additional
personnel will not be needed until Sun (9/5). Currently 24/hr operations =
handled using two 12/hr shifts (7 - 7), including weekends. GIS support =
responsible for tracking and modeling using ArcGIS based software HAZUS =
CATs (anyone literate in ArcGIS/GIS software can be trained to use =
This is an essential function as the data/info is used to pre-stage =
services/equipment and indicates the demographics (age, housing, =
critical infrastructure, wastewater/water treatment, nuclear plants, =
etc) as
well as assist in evacuation planning, shelter establishment and so on.=20
Near term needs . . .=20
Once the SEOC stands down to a Level 2 activation they will need two =
bodies for GIS to split the 7am - 7pm operations and one for WEB =
post-landfall. At least 2 backups for GIS and 1 backup for WEB tasks =
need to
be identified should activation go on for an extended period of time so =
personnel can be rotated out minimizing impact to the "parent" agency.=20
Post-landfall tasks include Recovery Services tracking/mapping, damage
assessment/tracking/mapping, production of search and rescue maps/grids, =

Additionally, once the event becomes a recovery operation FDEM will need =
2 -
4 individuals that can be deployed to the field for 2-4 wks to support =
command centers and disaster field offices until local talent can be
identified/hired for long term support to those sites.=20
Long Term needs. . . .=20
As all agencies have vested interests in responding to and assisting in =
recovery from disasters, it may be in everyone's best interest to =
personnel and coordinate deployment so the needs of Floridians, FDEM and
"parent" agencies can be met affectively and efficiently. Having these
resources identified and trained as well as a plan to strategically =
them should minimize deployment times and impacts to the "parent" =
Feel free put other divisions/agencies in touch w/me or Gary so that we =
spread the wealth so to speak.=20
Sorry if this has been more information than you needed/wanted. Keep in =
that I am simply a fill-in for the real FDEM GIS guru. He may decide to =
a different route when the smoke settles, but until then . .=20
In summary . . .=20
2 Web people beginning Wed 9/1 thru landfall - two 8hr shifts to cover =
6am -
10pm + on call=20
2 GIS persons beginning on Wed 9/1, but more likely not until after =
(if Frances) makes landfall - 12hr shifts, including weekends=20
Identify replacements so that no one individual is activated more that 5 =
(the length of a conference or training event). Again feel free to but
FDEM/me in touch w/other agencies who can help.=20
I can be reached via cell phone 850.653.6832 (personal), office #
850.670.4783 xt. 123, email at
<>, or my dep mail at  <>.=20
ThanQ again!=20
Carla (Cj) Boyce, GIS Analyst/Environmental Specialist=20
Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve=20
350 Carroll Street=20
Eastpoint, FL 32328=20

Carla-Jean (Cj) Boyce, ESI
Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve
St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve
350 Carroll Street
Eastpoint, Florida 32328
850.670.4783 or SC 771.4057
Fax 850.670.4324