shrug-l: ArcGIS 9

Kirschnick, Beverly kirschnickb@LeePA.Org
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 11:22:10 -0400

GISers -

I would like to poll Florida ESRI Users on their experiences with
installing/using ArcGIS 9. =20

I know there has been a good bit of chatter recently on GIS lists
regarding the problems associated with migrating/upgrading to the latest
version of the software. Now my managers are wondering if anyone in our
local community is experiencing the same issues.


Have you upgraded/installed ArcGIS 9 yet within your organization?

If so, did you run into any problems with the upgrade?

	What has your experience been with using ArcGIS 9?
	Do you find it a stable software release?
	Did you have any technical difficulties with users, clients, or
other 		related software (SQL Server etc.)
	Any advice to offer before installing ArcGIS 9?

If not, what are your reasons for not upgrading to ArcGIS 9?

Thank you all in advance for your input.