shrug-l: Colorado and Florida Lowest Ranked on National GIS Coordination Survey
Tue, 1 Jun 2004 15:54:03 -0400

This is just my personal opinion,

Officially we don't rank (or deserve to be ranked very high), but
unofficially through SHRUG we have the beginnings of a well connected GIS
community that has far surpassed the original Tallahassee/Leon County
geographic area, and appears to still be growing.  The desire for
coordination in the Florida GIS exists, and some of the mechanisms are
already in place.

Unfortunately, what we are missing is the tangible benefits of a sanctioned
coordination effort at the State level that extends through the regional
and local governments.  For a variety of reasons that has failed in
Florida, and many entities have a bad taste in their mouth about mandated
coordination.  It is possible  that individual GIS groups would rather
enjoy autonomy, and sacrifice standardization and cost sharing to keep that

One answer may be to build a business case for a small group of people to
be housed in STO (if it remains), DMS, the legislature, or the Governor's
Office that perform true coordination.  They stay in touch with major
players, provide technical consultation for everyone on items such as
outsourcing, data collection standards, attend appropriate meetings, and
try to leverage cost sharing by brokering partnerships with the various

Whatever is done should not threaten existing groups that are already
providing some of the services that a State GIS Agency may provide in some
other states.

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